::::::: Save Animation ::::::
Animation Shop (AS)
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There are a few different ways to take the files into AS


You can copy and paste each layer from PSP
(when you don't want to save the original)

I made this animation this way :O)

You have psp open with your image with different layers
start with the bottom Layer
Copy (CTRL+C)
Go to AS
Paste as a new Frame (CTRL+V)
Back to PSP (ALT+TAB)
Copy next layer (CTRL+C)
Go to AS (ALT+TAB)
Paste as new frame (CTRL+SHIFT+L)
Back to PSP (ALT+TAB)
Copy next Layer (CTRL+C)
Go to AS (ALT+TAB)
Paste as new frame (CTRL+SHIFT+L)
Continue until all layers are in AS
Save the animation
*(ALT+TAB) : take you to the program/window you have visit last.
Save the file as a psp7 compatibel file in PSP and then open in AS
(If you are going to use the image ceveral of times, scripting...)
You can save each frame in PSP as Gif or JPG and then go by the wizard in AS
(this is the first method I learned...will not show it here)
This is the way I do...
Let's start
1. You have the frames in AS

2. Save (CTRL+S). The window below shows - Name your animation

3.Click Save Button - Window Below

4. Click Next - Window Below

5. Click Next - Window Below

6. Click Finish and you have saved your animation.


If you will use customized settings :
When the second window appear, click cusomize

These are mine settings...when I use customize :